Bing Cao

President, Senior Engineer

Bing Cao serves as the president and senior consultant engineer of Z18. Cao has over 10 years extensive experience in environmental research and water industry with an emphasis in water pollution control, water resources planning solution, natural & constructed wetland function restoration, stormwater management, watershed modeling tools, and NPS pollutant simulation for both urban and agricultural regions.

Cao holds M.S. of Environmental Science from China, and M.S. of Biosystem Engineering in University of Tennessee. She is a certified stormwater professional. Committed to maintain quality of life through the company’s growth and contribution, Cao’s passion is to develop professional, cost-effective, and sustainable water solutions and driving strategic initiatives to trusted client relationships and demonstrates excellence throughout the design, consulting, managing, and operations phases of environmental projects.

Zachariah Seiden, P.E.

Chief Operations Officer,  Senior Engineer

Zachariah Seiden serves as the Chief Operation Officer (COO) and senior engineer for Z18 Engineering, LLC. Seiden has more than 10 years of experience in environmental engineering and research, with an emphasis on sewer system collection plan and coordinate, agricultural and industrial pretreatment and regulatory compliance. Seiden holds MS. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Tennessee. Seiden has earned both his Professional Engineering license and Level 1 Pretreatment Certification in the State of Tennessee. Driven by a passion to improve quality and sustainability of life, Seiden is focused on developing long-term solutions that meet the needs of Z18 clients and partners - achieving excellence through measurable results.

Theresa R. Alford

Systems Engineering Specialist

Theresa Alford is a systems engineer with over 6 years of hands-on experience in project design & operation, coordination, and effective systems analysis & optimization on highly complex systems. As a NASA contractor from 2015 to 2018, Theresa Alford worked on coordination of space craft requirements review and fulfillment and provided NASA oversight to outside contractors during testing & integration.

Theresa Alford obtained her B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University. Her talents provide an interdisciplinary approach to ensure project technical needs and client requirements are translated into step-by-step processes—in effect, producing efficient and effective results.

Marshall Alford

Natural Resources Specialist

Marshall Alford has over 10 years professional experience in natural resources management including wildlife habitat recreation, land transaction & special use analysis, forestry management, ecological conservation, wetlands restoration & mitigation, and related natural resources protection services.

Marshall Alford got his BS. of Science, Natural Resource Management with a Minor in Conservation Biology from Colorado State University. He performed as manager in West Zone of the Carson National Forest specializing in Recreation Management, Wilderness, Special Uses Permitting, Lands, and Minerals from 2012 to 2016. Also, Marshall Alford involved creating natural resource conservation programs and planning and coordinating implementation. He applied his professional research and analytical skills to study and interpret variety of feasibility reports, and problem-solving skills to devise effective strategies for protecting endangered resources.